Four Days in L.A.


Last summer, I flew to L.A. to visit my cousin Natalie, who had just moved there the summer before. It was both my first time flying completely alone (not ideal for a nervous flyer, but traveling for pleasure is always worth it) and my first time in the City of Angels. The wonderfully frustrating thing about L.A. is that, just like with New York City, you can run around nonstop

2017: A Look Back at My Favorite Memories


2018 ... how did we get here?! People older than me always say that time only goes by faster with each passing year, and I just can't fathom that being true. At the same time, the past year was filled with so many milestones, "firsts" and memorable moments that I keep forgetting they all fell within the last 365 days. Over the course of 2017, my sister (finally) turned 21, my childhood best friend had her first baby, my best friend got engaged to the love of her life, and I adopted my first rescue, started acting classes, visited three cities for the first time ... the list goes on. For these memories