A Month in the Life


What I'm loving this month: Big Little Lies soundtrack, a handbag to make heads turn, #girlboss-es and more. 

Spring is in full swing here in Florida, and although I'm not thrilled about the noticeable rise in temperature, there's been a nice lingering breeze that reminds me we're still months away from the sauna that is a Florida summer. Whether you plan to spend the majority of your time outdoors or indoors, there's plenty to do in April.

Here are some of the things I'm loving and looking forward to this month. 

Before the Nasty Woman, there was the Nasty Gal

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I was introduced to NastyGal early in my college years, and although the fashion line's daring pieces aren't for everyone, the true-life story behind the brand's founder and CEO, Sophia Amoruso, is sure to make people from all walks of life cheer (note: I'm referring to her initial climb to the top ... this excludes her current financial battle). Unfamiliar with her former rags to riches story? Pick up her memoir, #GIRLBOSS, and join me in watching the premier of the Netflix series adaptation