Last-minute Halloween costumes


"You severely underestimate my apathy"

It's October 31st, and you're suddenly freaking out that you don't have a Halloween costume. There are probably two reasons why: 1. You originally dismissed the idea of dressing up entirely, but now, the cute pictures from the weekend have flooded your social media feeds and you want to dress up


Three and a half days in London


I'd wanted to go to London since I first watched the film The Parent Trap as a little girl. One of my favorite scenes is when Hallie Parker (disguised as Annie James; both played by Lindsay Lohan) stares out the open window of her cab while en route to her mom's flat in London. She admires all the iconic sites - Big Ben and Tower Bridge, to name a couple - as "There She Goes" plays in the background. Some might find that cheesy, but it's still one of my favorite movie scenes to this very day and instilled in me a desire to visit this beautiful and historic city. That desire was fulfilled three months ago